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From LARadio.com

Wednesday, August 04, 2004
Four Years Ago Today - "Catfight" at KYSR was Real

(August 4, 2000) A recent "catfight" between Jamie White and Andrea Jackson has been chronicled in this column as late as last Monday. Al Gordon, KYXY/KPLN engineer in San Diego, is a regular reader of LARADIO.com and wonders if the "angry dialogue" between the KYSR morning co-host and the Metro Traffic broadcaster was "schtick" to get everyone talking. "Regrettably the unfortunate unprofessional exchange was real," emailed Andrea. "I was as surprised as I'm sure most listeners were by the language and tone of the interaction." When you heard the exchange, you knew it was real or they were really excellent actors. It seemed very spontaneous.

  • Andrea: Pipe down there sunshine, Jesus Christ.
  • Jamie: Oh, okay bitch. You just do the traffic and shut the hell up!
  • Andrea: Four and a half hours is not enoughfor you to squawk on the box?
  • Jamie: Okay, you're done!
  • Danny: Here's the traffic.
  • Andrea: South L.A., 1-10 North.
  • Jamie: We're going to bring back the other guy.
  • Andrea: Pipe down!
  • Jamie: Turn her off. Goodbye. First of all, you're traffic girl. Second, you don't talk tome like that. Thirdly, everyone says that like the other guy way better. So we'll bring back Jeff Stevens.And you will shut the hell up! Have a nice day. I'll be here all week.

I wondered if there were any repercussions for Andrea. "Not in the negative sense to be sure. Since our little set-to, I have received dozens of calls and letters of support and encouragement. I'm grateful for the fans who listen every day. Their overwhelming response only serves as a reminder that there is very little room for malice and ignorance on the broadcast airwaves."
Andrea tried to explain how the exchange happened. "I don't pretend to comprehend what is inside Jamie's head. I do, however, understand that Jamie has found a niche in radio and has created a success for herself as a result of her on-air image. For many of us in this business, the struggle for fame can often lead us down roads we might not take under other circumstances, but I would never discount Jamie's luck, nor would I wish her anything but stability in life and career," concluded Andrea.


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